Touristic Places of Safranbolu

Touristic Places of Safranbolu



Firstly, Turkomans setle down Hıdırlık Hill.It was an open-air place for prayers. The prayers came here and pray for rain if there had been an drought. Also, at the beginning of summer, they came together and pray for fruitful summer.
Hıdırlık Hill is the best place to see Safranbolu perfectly.


At the beginning of 18th century, Kaymakamlar House was built.The house is a specific example.It has got all Ottomans arhitectural properties.Fortonately, it is kept with ists all magnificent architecture.It is located near to Hıdırlık Hill.


Kilciler house was built by Hacı efendi.The mansion consist of two specific part ,HAREM and Selamlık. HAREM means women’s apartment. Selamlık means reserved for men.The Kilciler house has got two entrance ,the entrance of selamlık and the entrance of HAREM.The house is the one of the most beautiful examples of Ottomans house.

In today’s Turkey there is no harem and selamlık.During Ottomans period ıf you are a man, you sit with only men in selamlık.You can’t see the women of the house that you visit. That is the one of the samples of ISLAMIC RULES in OTTOMANS daily life.

Stil, we can see the similar samples of the harem and selamlık.If you go to ŞANLIURFA, you should attend to a SILA gecesi (sıla night).There is no women but only men Sıla gecesi entertainment.
They play reed flute and lute and local musical instruments.Men in the entertainment preapare and eat çiğ köfte( uncooked kofte).That looks like a group threapy among men.They relax when they sing a folk song and listen to relaxing sound of ney( reed flute). We can give the sıra night as an example of selamlık.


The biggest mosque is Köprülü mosque in Safranbolu.This magnificent Mosque was built by Köprülü Mehmet Pasha in 1661.The decoration of the mosque is perfect.There is also a sundial that shows the hour between 6:00 and 17:30.The sundial was made in the middle of 19th.


The goverment building was built in 1904.Unfourtanely,in 1976, it was caught fire.After that, it was restored and was turned into City museum.There is also a clock tower in its courtyard.The clock tower was built by İzzet Pasha in 1797

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